A Software Buying Checklist for your Law Firm

Software buying checklist for your law firm
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You are an attorney in search of new legal software for your firm that offers features like Case Management, Timekeeping, Billing, and Reporting and is struggling to begin your search.

Don’t Worry. We’re here to help you get clarity on the task.

This list might not exactly match your needs but it lists down most points on how broadly you must consider how you want your new law firm software to enhance and expand your firm’s efficiency and profitability.

1.Case Management

What’s a better way of saving time than investing in a software that intelligently manages all your case details. It will save you the hassle of maintaining endless numbers of files in your office. It also gives you a smart way to browse through case details within your comfort. Therefore make sure you choose software that includes smart legal case management.


Buying software that is well-integrated and provides flexibility will help you streamline the timekeeping process. Consider buying software that gives you options like web-based, desktop and mobiles, calendar view, and desktop timer. The software you choose shall also let you set hourly rates, fixed fee rates, and hybrid rates.


Invoicing can keep you engaged for long and hence while considering legal software you must look for an easily manageable invoicing software that keeps you out of the accounting software. Check for how does the invoice look? Do you have to mail it physically or can you send it online? Does the software allow you to manage trust accounting and we pay directly from trust funds?


In order to understand the efficiency and profitability of your practice, you need to track the firm’s progress in real-time. For doing so you need to consider the software that allows you to generate reports on a daily basis, giving you a quick view of time billed every day. You should also be getting daily reports on your timekeepers, time billed, the amount received, etc

These are just some main focus points, there are other points such as Conflict Check, Intake form, General Ledger, Client Portal, etc. that you should consider while opting for new legal software for your legal firm.

Even before you go through the checklist, understand your firm’s needs and types of software needed to fulfill it.


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