Problems Faced by Solo Practitioners and Solutions

Problems faced by solo practitioners and solutions
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We know it’s not easy when you are a Solo Practitioner. Law is both a business and a profession and finding the right balance can be a big hassle.

It’s always difficult to start something new, if you have already, praise yourself. You did good.

If you are planning to start something new, sit tight  because this blog will make your journey smoother.

Solo practitioners face a lot of problems like time management, client attraction, billing and invoicing to name a few but do not worry for  we are here with solutions.

Following are some basic problems and we are hopeful that our solutions/tips will come handy for you.

1. Technology – What To Do?

Many Solo Practitioners keep tied in the traditional ways of legal functioning and that becomes an Albatross around their neck!


Paperwork was always a liability, it still is. In this modern day, you need modern technology to make your journey easier. Many legal billing software’s floats around the market to do your work for you, CaseFox happens to be one of the best. No need to carry loads of sheets and files, carry your firm/office with you on a device.

2. Clients – Where Are They?

Being on your own makes it even harder to find clients–
  • A. You don’t get enough referrals
  • B. You are busy doing all the work on your own and that leaves you with very little time to focus on clients.

Make a plan and follow it, devise a strong marketing plan because no firm gets clients without the right marketing strategy.  Build a network of lawyers, preferably other Solo Practitioners so that they can bring you referrals seeking help in your area of expertise. CaseFox also provides you a Conflict Check facility to ensure that your duties and obligations towards them do not conflict with your other existing or previous clients.

3. Time – How Do I Track It?

Time Management is undoubtedly one of the major problems for solos, since you work alone, you end up doing all the work and don’t even bill it wisely because it’s too much work.


We at CaseFox provide you simplified time & expense tracking for both billable and non-billable hours so that you don’t miss out on your time and your money. You can also keep all your tasks and calendar events in one place so no missing out on important calls or meetings as you can track today’s task, late task, upcoming task, and all events trouble-free.

4. Billing – Why Is It Complicated?

Billing and invoicing can be a difficult task if done manually because there are so many records to maintain, taxes to check, and bills to pay and collect and solos often lag behind in this department as well.


Easy one-click invoicing at Casefox, you can generate monthly and yearly invoices and payment receipts for every running case or matter in less than a minute, also manage your documents easily at CaseFox. We offer automatic online payment functionality so that your clients can view and pay invoices online so you don’t have to keep reminding them as clients can view their payment history and the amount due.

My overall experience with CaseFox has been great, it filled a gap in my practice software needs perfectly and now makes me look 100x more professional when dealing with complex cases.


In this time of everyday struggle for survival and neck-to-neck competition with other firms, it is not very difficult to forget who you really are so remembering your values and motives should be your priority. CaseFox and our active client support will always be there for you to help you in every way possible.

Now, more than ever we need to come together as a community and work for the betterment of each individual.

Look out for yourself and your people, including your colleagues and employees. Work in harmony and keep your spirits high. We are going through uncertain times, but like every bad day, this too shall pass.

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