6 Email Marketing Tips for Lawyers to Increase Clients

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It probably won’t come as a surprise to you what the biggest challenge is for solo practitioners or small law firms currently. According to studies, the biggest challenge facing attorneys and law firms is finding a regular supply of new clients.

People frequently go years without needing legal assistance, and businesses that promote services like “online will creation” increase the competition facing attorneys. To continue to be lucrative, attorneys must now work harder than ever.

One of the most effective methods to help bring in new clients for your law firm is to get recommendations and keep your legal practice visible in front of potential clients, so you’re ready when they need you in the future. This can be achieved seamlessly via continuous email marketing for lawyers.

In this blog, we examine the significance of having an email marketing plan for law firms and attorneys, suggest six email marketing best practices and strategies you should use, and provide step-by-step guidance for getting started.

Benefits of using email marketing for lawyers.

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1. Cost Effectiveness 

Law firm email marketing for lawyers doesn’t need significant investment. Emails are reasonably cheap for the value they offer and are easy to generate, design, and distribute with the help of a solid email online marketing platform. Therefore, all that’s required of you is to set aside a small amount of time each week or month to create appealing content for your emails.

2. Showcase your Expertise 

Your clients may find Legal jargon and services to be frightening and hard to decipher. You may present your services in an approachable, simple style in your law firm newsletter. Your audience will recognize your competence and realize you have what it takes to assist them with their legal-related challenges when you explain legal jargon and principles in layman’s terms.

3. A Platform to Engage with Potential Clients 

A free consultation is an excellent strategy you may employ to draw in new clients. During a free consultation, you may talk about the legal issues potential customers are dealing with and explain how you would handle them if they hired you.

By providing free consultations, you may get potential clients’ email addresses when they sign up for them. That’s a great chance to expand your email list. Additionally, it’s a terrific approach to earn the confidence of potential customers, increasing the likelihood that they’ll call on you again in the future. Just be sure to ask them to enroll in your email list when they sign up for the free consultation so they can get your marketing emails.

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Top 6 email marketing strategies for lawyers 

Hopefully, by now you realize how crucial a law firm’s email marketing strategy is to your success as well as the growth of your law firm. However, searching the web for instructions only returns general guidance. We have six essential strategies that will allow you to expand your email list and maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing.

1. Have a Well Defined Strategic Plan 

From the beginning, be clear about the goals you have for each email marketing campaign. After that, whenever you write emails, have this objective in the back of your mind. In every email, include a pertinent call to action that will enable you to accomplish your goal. 

Your call to action should be unique, understandable, and simple to implement. Your email’s true objective is to provoke a response. Consequently, make sure your emails have a “Contact Us” or “Find Out More” button. If the button opens an online form, make sure it is brief and simple to complete.

Without a strategic plan, it is quite unlikely that you will succeed. Your email content will become less focused and far less captivating as a result. You won’t succeed in your objectives and your audience will eventually lose interest. 

It’s preferable to launch several email marketing campaigns at once in the aforementioned scenario. Additionally, divide your email lists into categories, such as present clients, future prospects for business ties, etc.

2.  Create Valuable Content

Creating content that people want to read should always be your main objective when using an email marketing plan. The ideal strategy is to concentrate on giving your email readers as much value as you can. You may accomplish this by using email nurturing programs. It is intended to grow your relationship with a possible customer. You will, in this instance, send your audience a number of email newsletters on your law practice or other legal topics. 

Contrarily, nurturing programs provide readers with constant value and address their concerns. The client could decide to hire you as a lawyer later. However, you will become recognized as an authority because of this. You will be present when he makes the purchasing decision.

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3. Choose the Right Email Marketing Software 

An ideal legal marketing software requires automation that can deliver mass emails that are both personalized and targeted. It needs to be able to organize your contact list, divide individuals into groups, and offer trustworthy metrics. Consider conducting your own study to find the one that best serves the objectives of your legal company.

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4. Optimise Emails for Readers 

Emails must be mobile-friendly just like web pages. It is essential to test your emails on tablets, mobile devices, and the desktop. Take into account email service providers’ best practices and technological restrictions as well.

Furthermore, a maximum HTML file size of 100KB is advised for easy delivery and flawless display. Mobile data may also be sluggish in some places and is reliant on network connectivity. So when the email doesn’t display properly, it can end up harming the experience for mobile users.

5. Grow your Email List

The best strategy to increase your subscriber base is to ask for contact information in return for free material. Generally known as “lead magnets.” They are made to entice your target audience with insightful material. Additionally, they show that you are an authority on the subject and benefit your intended audience. All while allowing you to record their information.

Give potential customers an incentive to provide you with their email addresses. The easiest approach to achieve it is to offer a free resource that will assist in helping your consumers solve an issue. It will, therefore, assist you in establishing credibility and trust. A PDF, video series or webinar in your area of expertise might make up the free material.

6. Monitor and Analyse the Result

Measuring your performance while using email marketing for lawyers is a crucial step. Therefore, keep in mind to evaluate your progress and modify your strategy as necessary. The majority of email marketing tips for law firms programs will provide you with stats. To determine whether or not you are succeeding in your aims, think about examining two crucial metrics: open rate and click-through rate.

The effectiveness of your subject lines and email subjects may be determined by looking at the open rate. Additionally, knowing who the email is intended for will aid in improving email discoverability. Some items to take into account are spam complaints, email volume, email content, and other things. 

The click-through rate, however, is a gauge of how interesting your emails are. Readers that click over are undoubtedly interested in what you have to say. Find out what sorts of material your audiences enjoy by using these analytics. Then, make the necessary adjustments to your email marketing approach.


One of the simplest methods to promote to potential clients in your network is through email marketing for law firms. Keep them informed, for instance, about the most recent activities taking place in legal firms. It may assist you in maintaining solid connections, encouraging repeat business from current clients, increasing recommendations, etc. As a result, email marketing for attorneys may be a useful strategy for encouraging new customers and reference sources to get in touch. 

Once your email marketing efforts are up and going, you must monitor their progress and seek ways to make them better. This is essential to ensure that your marketing activities have a high impact and that you are devoting your time to the tasks that will make the most difference.

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