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Top 9 Legal Directories

Having your Law Firm or yourself listed on an online legal directory is a vital part of your marketing strategy and an essential step for improving your

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What is a LEDES file? A Law Firm Guide to LEDES Billing

Well! If you operate a big law firm, then probably generating effective invoices is your major priority. 

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14 Best Applications for Lawyers in 2021

Whether a solo attorney or a large law firm, every attorney in the US or UK needs legal applications to sort their everyday law practice.

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A Complete Guide to Legal Billing Software for Law Firms

Timekeeping and Billing are two vital parts of any business. To have a fair relationship with customers,

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10 Small Law Firm Marketing Strategies to boost up your clientele

In this era of digital innovation, brand image is everything and marketing is the key to brand image. It may be a vast organization or small size e-commerce. Every sector needs marketing and the legal sector is no exception.  Law firm marketing is an attempt to attract and increase client leads. Law firm marketing majorly […]

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How to Work With a Virtual Legal Assistant

Is working with a virtual legal assistant even required? You might have not worked with any legal assistant till now, but if you are thinking of boosting your law firm productivity without much effort, then yes, hiring a virtual legal assistant is the solution to maintain a good virtual law firm environment.  You can easily […]

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Easy billing and time tracking software for lawyers and law firms.

Billing & Invoicing is a vital and essential part of any business, especially when it comes to transparency with the clients. We all want to build a trustworthy relationship with our clients and provide a fair and straightforward service.

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4 Best Strategies for Law Firms to Get Paid Faster

Whether it be a solo practitioner or a big law firm, payment mechanisms are common. Whether an attorney, lawyer or professional, everyone is giving services to clients and in return deserves to get reasonable payments.

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How effective time tracking can help your law firm grow?

Can you interpret how important time tracking is to you?
Fairly it’s the most important element to earn a living for law firms. From solving a case to getting every bit of information regarding your client, everything needs to get billed.

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7 Factors To Consider Before Having A Case Management Software

Having case management software for your law firm is one of the best decisions you can take to enhance your profits and overall resource management.

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